creating cloth with purpose

Late last Fall I started thinking (seriously) about what I would like to create for the graduate show which would  represent the culmination of two years of my life in fiber.  Not one to ever take the easy pathway, I knew whatever I decided to do would need to both inspire and challenge me to greater achievement or it wasn’t worth doing.

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, it’s been a great resource over the years, looking for inspiration: wedding ideas, craft projects, home remodeling, and recipes to name a few. A couple of years ago I took an embroidery class and while searching Pinterest for stichery ideas, I went down a rabbit hole and discovered a Japanese embroidery technique called “Sashiko”.  I was immediately intrigued and “pinned” much for future exploration.  I came across photos of historical Japanese textiles, farmer’s and fisherman’s coats.  In short, the garments were indigo dyed and constructed and repaired using Sashiko.

After much more research, sketching and rumination, I decided creating a garment inspired by the Japanese Fisherman’s coat would be my “thing” for the grad show.  I began the process of bringing my ideas to fruition in early January 2017, and have been taking lots of process photos along the way.  I will be sharing photos and blogging about the process over the next few months, I hope you will follow along and leave your comments, as well.



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I'm a weaving student/fiber artist living near Asheville, NC.

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