First blog post


I decided to start this blog to give me a place to share  thoughts, inspirations, challenges and successes on my journey as a student,  textile artist and designer. I plan to include photos of my current projects, the processes I go through to create them, and what I learn along the way as things may or not go as planned!

Currently, I am in the second year of a professional crafts program specializing in Fiber.  So basically I’m a weaver of cloth.  I will be graduating in May 2017.  It has been an interesting, enlightening and challenging program.   I am sure I will greatly miss being in the classroom/studio, but I am excited about this next step in my post-retirement venture.

This photo was taken last weekend at one of my favorite local spots along the Broad river in Chimney Rock, NC.  It’s about 20 minutes from my home, and it’s a place I enjoy visiting often to soak up the beauty and energy I find there. As a point of reference, the movie “Dirty Dancing” was partially filmed just down the road at Lake Lure.

In the photo I am wearing one of my recent creations, the Mandana “Hug” cowl. The bandana was the inspiration for my original concept.   I designed it with the hope it would appeal to men, but of course it is not a gender specific design.  My intention as a designer is to produce products which will appeal to everyone, and not be labeled specifically to either gender, in color, or style.  This cowl is woven using silk and the natural colors of Alpaca.   The “Hug” is having its public debut this weekend at a local craft guild show, the Southern Highland Craft Guild show.   The school program is supported by the guild, so we have a booth and can sell to the public and get valuable feedback on our products.

Thank you for reading my first post, and I hope you will decide to follow me along on this journey!  I plan to post at least once a week.






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Man-Made Textiles

I'm a weaving student/fiber artist living near Asheville, NC.

2 thoughts on “First blog post”

  1. I wish you could see the delight in my eyes just marveling at your deep concentration, your investigative processes, experimentation and delivery! JB. p.s. is is your performance review for this rating period. (:-)


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